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Travel with Dr. Hillary Lampers through topics such as nutrition, neurological health, immune improvement, and genetics. 


Helping Children With Headaches and Birth Trauma

Sky Valley Healing Arts

Researchers with the CDC estimated that more than 3.7 million children in the U.S. (ages 4 to 17) have experienced frequent and severe headaches over the past year.

As a child who suffered with headaches from birth trauma, it is my personal mission to help people understand that children can suffer from structural pain.  Newborns and children, like everyone else,  need support for growth and optimal brain health, and thrive with improved quality of life!

There are many children who suffer from plagiocephaly (mishapen head), torticollis (twist of the neck), headaches, breathing disorders, and the topic that is on everyones tongue- ADHD/ADD, just to name a few.  With many of these disorders having a root structural cause, usually due to birth trauma, falls, etc, Neurocranial Restructuring can immensely change these children with very little treatment.  

So the most common questions I get related to NCR is: 

  The best part is, the entire family can benefit from NCR! 

Below I have posted two videos I did in a series for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians focusing on Neurocranial Restructuring.  These videos explain this unique structural therapy and how it can help your newborn or child!