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Travel with Dr. Hillary Lampers through topics such as nutrition, neurological health, immune improvement, and genetics. 


Persistence: Perfecting the Routine in 2016

Sky Valley Healing Arts

Persistence is a very important word in my life. Each day that I wake, each moment is about persisting to the next.

My daughter starts the day off, her persistence to wake me, snuggle, read, talk, and relate is what the morning is all about.  It’s amazing how each day can become like the last, but how each moment really is only captured in that time and will never be experienced again. When I look at my daughter, I can see the way in which her brain works.  It’s all about the routine, but with ever-changing focus.  Today we get up, we eat breakfast, we get ready for school,  and we feed the chickens.  Each day something new is added: she reads a new book, learns to skate, becomes more independent.  In these moments she never looks back, she never wonders what she did wrong yesterday, who doesn’t like her, she is just building on her experiences and persists at growing without even knowing it. 

I’ve learned so much from her, because my persistence has mainly involved succeeding, fullfilling expectations, and self-growth.  I find that my persistence begins in the many routine actions that occur within the simplicity of life, and my willingness to change on a continuous basis keeps me growing while embracing the routine.

Personalities that I encounter in each of my moments as a mother, wife, doctor, and friend, create revelations on my desire to persist in life and become a better person. I don’t want to look back and remember every little thing I did wrong, or who rejected me, or what I haven’t done.  I want to live in that present routine with hopeful persistence and know that I can learn just like my daughter, and in truth open and create possibilities in the future.  In my encounter with patients, I realize so many people are held back by the past, by the circumstances that they could not control when they were children and even adults, the guilt, blame, and self-deprecation that makes it impossible to move forward.  The routines, the stress, and the trials of life make it hard to persist with desire.

This is one of the reasons I created my online coaching program Get It Back.  I love working one-on-one with people to help them meet their goals, in both physical health and mindset.  Discovering your true nature, how your brain sees the world, and how you may be completely out of sync with your true nature, and then creating a road map to bring you back is all about persistence.  Each day I meet people who have the capacity for great things, but are holding themselves back based on past decisions, mistakes, and pre conceptions made by others. I could even tell you that truth and say I'm one of those people. 

You (and I)  have the choice to let go of these myths, and move into our true nature. Choice forms our every movement in life.  I don’t know what choices my daughter will make as she grows, but I know the choices I make will guide her, good or bad.  I don’t know who she will become, what she will strive for, or whom she will give her love to, but I do know that my love and acceptance of her learning process will direct her choices. 

You have more power than you know, you have the choice to learn something from this moment, and persist on to the next, making it all that more exciting. (A great interview with motivational queen Lisa Nichols inspired me for this blog)  Take solace in the routine, and know that this moment will never be here again.  I chose to give of my heart, listen to others, and love without expectations and this is my hope for everyone I meet in this year and the next.  

Here is to an amazing 2016, and to finding perfection in your routine!  



The Habit of Goal Setting: 4 Ways to Change and Not Break

Sky Valley Healing Arts

What are my goals?  Why would someone set a goal?  How does goal setting become a habit?  All good questions that I routinely ask myself.   We have everyday necessity habits:  Eating, sleeping, working, brushing our teeth, etc.  We also have habits that are completely based on good or bad choices:  Smoking, exercising, drinking too much, eating vegetables; you get the drift.  Putting goal setting and habits together is an important part of success. 

1) Create habits that build you up, not break you down

This can start with the simple day to day choices such as exercise, food choices, and addictive behaviors.  How many people are addicted to something….I would say a majority of people.  I know I’m addicted to Facebook, peanut butter, and weight lifting.  I could definitely get rid of FB, but the PB and weight lifting, these are what I consider good addictions, so I’m not really willing to give them up.  Mental habits are a huge component of whether or not many people will succeed in their goals.  When confronted with a goal, most are in the habit of beating themselves up…”I can’t do this, I won’t be able to succeed, nobody will support me, I am a failure.”  These mental self criticisms along with what is referred to as the “Circle of Life” habits, is what gets in the way of most people succeeding.  How many times have you set a goal, and then because of everyday life circumstances:  kids, work, holidays, births, deaths, you name it, the actions of reaching the goal never happen.  I hate to call them excuses, but as the queen of excuses, I feel pretty entitled calling it what it is.  Habits that will lift you up DO include all the new age self help ideas, such as liking yourself, talking nice to yourself, and believing in yourself.  This also applies when others are not believing in you.  I’m sorry but you have to like, no LOVE, yourself.  Your goals represent how much you are willing to reveal, and in this there must be complete love and acceptance.  

2)  Don’t hang out with others that have habits that don't support you reaching your goals.

You might say DUH here, and we can all interpret this in different ways, but if you want to enjoy life, be happy, be successful, and prosper, don’t hang out with people who are negative, lazy, and want nothing more than to avoid change.  Change is what goal setting is all about.  If you are willing to change every moment in how you are going to achieve your goal, having a bunch of bummer folks around will do nothing for your self esteem and motivation.  It’s true what they say: the friends you keep are a reflection of you.  Choose wisely.


Start on a 90 day plan.  What can you do in 90 days?  Like the seasons of the year, 90 days are a great way to change those bad habits, giving birth to new and improved ones.  Many people make the mistake of making goals that are vague, too big, and unrealistic. Winning the lottery is not a good goal, it’s what I like to call a “dreamers” goal.  Who wouldn’t want to win the lottery and be rich over night?  Sure, but that’s likely never going to happen, so spending every last dollar on lottery tickets is like trying to grow a flower without sun and water.  I’ve met many a dreamer, and must say I have been subject to it myself, I however am wise enough to know, ENERGY + TIME + PERSISTANCE = GOAL.   Persist within reality and likely you will reach your goals.

and 4th) Don’t be ruled by FEAR

Fear is necessary in some cases, but in goal setting and habit formation, it can really hold you back, OR can be used to your advantage.  I’m afraid of heights.  As a kid my friends used to call me Knee Knocker every time we went skiing because I was so scared that I could barely move, my knees would lock and I would be completely frozen.  When I got older, my husband agreed to teach me to ski.  Again I found myself on a mountain crying with my knees locked, so afraid of falling that I could barely move.  He started that lesson with falling.  I would just turn and fall, over and over again.  Eventually I felt that falling wasn’t so bad, and so I was able to go a little faster with out the fear of what it meant to fall.  Over time, I fell less and less, the steeps didn’t seem so scary, and I slowly overcame my fear of heights.  Now I love to ski, and FEAR does not rule my day on the slopes.

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to fall, it’s how you face that fear and move forward that will determine your success.   

So what is your GOAL?  Better health, decreased pain, better relationships, more money, a better job?  What habits are you creating that will get you to that goal?  Start now by setting goals and forming the good habits that will build you to be the best version of yourself today and everyday!


Hardwiring Happiness? Get Present

Sky Valley Healing Arts

This quote hangs in my office to remind me that I must love what I do to be truly happy and successful. 

This quote hangs in my office to remind me that I must love what I do to be truly happy and successful. 

One of my favorite podcasts is Lewis Howe's School of Greatness.  It seems most times I listen to him, I get great tidbits on mindset shifts,  but I tend to be driving down the road and I don't always have the time to make notes.  However, being in the middle of creating my Motherhood Mindset Movement: a free 2 week email series on my top 15 traits or habits we need to develop in mothering ourselves, our children, and others in our lives, there was one podcast that I literally listened to over and over again.  It's all about the present mindset, and getting present within yourself. 

The guest that really intrigued me on this certain topic was Dr. Rick Hanson, Ph.D. a best selling author on neuroscience and happiness.   Happiness could mean a million different things to a million different people, with examples of getting a better job, a better body, a happy marriage, a family etc, but those are future living ideas- when I get enough, I will be happy.

His book Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm, and Confidence, really gets into happiness in the context of experiencing the present moment, something most of us don't do well, if at all.   He talks about how people are really caught up in the million dollar moments, but what about being grateful for the everyday moments?  

Perhaps living in the present could cultivate an unconditional sense of enoughness in life. Conscensely experiencing these present moments can help to bring contentment, forgiveness, and love into our lives.  

H.E.A.L (stands for)

  1.  Have the experience: Install it into your brain.

  2.  Enrich the experience: Stay with it, letting it become bigger. 

  3.  Absorb the experience: Be changed by it. 

  4.  Link the experience to the present moment and the sense of contentment.

If living in the present is difficult for you to do, and you are feeling stuck, stressed out, or just need a uplifting look into how getting present could make you happier, I would highly recommend listening to the podcast, then join me in my #motherhoodmindset series where I get deeper into my personal experiences as a future dweller. I'm sure you can guess that getting present is one of my top mindsets!  




Digital Addiction: 10 Ways to Take a Break from the 21st century Stressor

Sky Valley Healing Arts

I admit, I’m addicted. Addicted to my computer, my smart phone, and Instagram.
— Dr. Hillary

Well, my guess is most of the world is currently addicted to their technology, and it’s causing a whole lot of smarter but stressed out people with subsequent health problems.

I call it the Digital Addiction Syndrome, and it seems like everyone suffers from it.  Certain hormones,  like dopamine, serotonin, cortisol, and adrenaline, are released and depleted with excessive technology, providing over sensory stimulation, decreased sleep, agitation, and neurological irritation.  Excitement, gratification, and reward occur all without having to get off the couch followed by subsequent apathy, muffin tops, and over caffeinated insomniacs.  This “stress” is a great predictor of future cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and Alzheimers.  Yikes.  

My top 10 “digital detox” and stress reduction methods.

I like to give my patients reminders to help them make small but significant changes that will prevent disease and improve quality of life, and it's a good reminder for my own family.  Remember this addiction is shared by many young and old, and truthfully we don't know what it's doing to our health over the longterm.  

1) Unplug.  Take time away from all media.  This will decrease dopamine destruction, balance cortisol, and stop the constant need for immediate gratification.  When your dopamine gets used up faster and faster, your body needs more to get the high (dopamine becomes adrenaline).  Take a break at least once a day, a full day a week, and don’t sleep with the phone next to your head or put it on airplane mode.  Unless you are the president, that email or text can wait until after breakfast. This is very important for ADHD and ADD!!

2) Eat adequate, clean, protein rich foods.  This helps build good hormone transmission supporting your thyroid, brain, and adrenal glands and battles the “bulge”, helps your mood, and stabilizes cravings.  Examples are grass fed beef, free range eggs, wild salmon, spirulina, nuts and seeds.

3) Eat the RIGHT fats.  Coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, and grass fed butter are a great way to feed your brain and make sure you have proper absorption of fat soluble Vitamins like A, D, and K.  Fats are also essential for cholesterol formation, dopamine, and hormone production.

4) Consume more colorful veggies and fruits. Greens, reds, purples all boost antioxidants and help fight stress and repair your cells. YouthH2O has purple corn which is power packed and full of antioxidants!

5) Avoid caffeine.  Caffeine stimulates adrenaline production and overtime burns out the adrenal glands. This is a must for regulating insulin and preventing diabetes!

6) Exercise. Move at least once a day for an extended period of time. I love weight training and HIIT workouts because of the brain boosting benefits.  Really exercise is a no-brainer!

7) Get outside.  The planet has an electromagnetic force that we need for healing- thus why a walk in the woods or a swim in the ocean makes you feel like a new person.  Get away from the concrete jungle and breath fresh air and connect with what you are- alive!

8) Make time for family and friends WITHOUT technology.  Go skiing, swimming, play games, read, paint, talk- the old fashioned way.  This helps build specific neural pathways in the brain, and is vital for us to relax. This is ESPECIALLY important for children’s brains.   

9) Stop.  Each day stop and be quiet, turn off the noise, and let your mind relax.  Close your eyes. Breathe, Pray, Sleep.  Focus on the positive in your life, and let the negative go if even for a minute. I call this the Accept Myself in the Moment Minute- try it, it works.  

10) Write.  This means exactly what it says, but use a pen and paper.  Send a handwritten note to that special someone or write in a journal.  it will boost your dopamine and give you the rush of giving without depleting you. It may also help relieve stress just by getting “it all” out.     


Walking on the beach promotes relaxation through exposure to negative ions.

Walking on the beach promotes relaxation through exposure to negative ions.

Helping Children With Headaches and Birth Trauma

Sky Valley Healing Arts

Researchers with the CDC estimated that more than 3.7 million children in the U.S. (ages 4 to 17) have experienced frequent and severe headaches over the past year.

As a child who suffered with headaches from birth trauma, it is my personal mission to help people understand that children can suffer from structural pain.  Newborns and children, like everyone else,  need support for growth and optimal brain health, and thrive with improved quality of life!

There are many children who suffer from plagiocephaly (mishapen head), torticollis (twist of the neck), headaches, breathing disorders, and the topic that is on everyones tongue- ADHD/ADD, just to name a few.  With many of these disorders having a root structural cause, usually due to birth trauma, falls, etc, Neurocranial Restructuring can immensely change these children with very little treatment.  

So the most common questions I get related to NCR is: 

  The best part is, the entire family can benefit from NCR! 

Below I have posted two videos I did in a series for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians focusing on Neurocranial Restructuring.  These videos explain this unique structural therapy and how it can help your newborn or child!  

Nutrition: The Easiest Way to Affect Your Genes

Sky Valley Healing Arts

What you eat today, walks and talks tomorrow.
— Babe the Pig

We’ve all heard it a million times “you are what you eat”, and there is  little argument that what you eat controls each and every cell in your body. Since eating is something we all do, it seems like a good idea to put the conversation forward: Are your genetics influenced by the foods you eat, and even more importantly, do you have the power to control how your genes are turned on or off through nutrition?

The answer is: YES.

This concept has been around for much longer than you think.  In the early 1900’s Weston Price examined the link between food and degeneration, especially over the span of multiple generations.  He proved that processed foods changed cranial formation and teeth growth in the generational gene pool after examining many tribal peoples all over the world.  The removal of more traditional diets and healthy fats, not only led to structural problems, but brain and neurological disorders as well.

What Price was researching all those years ago, we now know  as Nutrigenomics looking at how the genetic code is affected by environmental influences, and how we have the ability to turn wellness or illness genes on or off through foods (and other lifestyle choices). If you were to hear someone say, “it’s all in my genes” it’s true, but what you don’t hear people say is, “but I have the power to control them.”

Now I’m not talking about hair color, eye color, skin color etc, these things are in the genetic code and make up your physical appearance.  But lets say someone is meant to be 6 foot 5, but they were fed a horrible diet as a child- malnourished, sleep deprived,  and under exercised (sound familiar?).   It’s likely they wouldn’t make it to that height due to the genetic code being altered by deficiency states.

It’s the same with many of today’s epidemic diseases in the modern world like heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and obesity.  In a family where both parents have diabetes type 2, some will argue there is a genetic link for their child to get diabetes type 2 when they are older.  This may be partially true, and like according to Price’s work, this child’s grandparents’ diet also affected his health.  In truth, if the child was fed a healthy diet devoid of simple carbohydrates and bad fats, and full of vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins (with adequate exercise) it is very unlikely that this grown adult will get diabetes, for if the gene existed, it wouldn’t be turned on. This could also lead to decreased rates of cancers and Alzheimer’s Disease, known to be triggered by metabolic issues such as diabetes.   However in today’s world we see children getting type 2 diabetes, a sure sign that if we continue to eat (and stay sedentary) the way we do, gene destruction will happen at an alarming rate.

The bright side to all this is that you have the power over what you put in your body and even though you don’t know every “bad” gene in your body, you do have the say in what your genes can do.  Many will disagree with me here, but I have seen all to many times that when people improve their nutritional status, their bodies become efficient, leaner, and free of disease, while their minds are calmed and bright.  Even those who are what we considered “diseased”, can benefit from a clean whole foods diet, sometimes even reversing their conditions and/or optimizing their current states.

One of the best ways to get intimate with food and how it can change your genetics is GROW A GARDEN– even if it is in pots on your deck.  Growing your food and teaching your children where it comes from will give you more appreciation for your body!

Take this month to educate yourself and others about the importance of healthy food, and remember you aren’t helpless to your genes.

Want to learn more about your genes, brain health and how you can make changes in your nutrition?  Check out my upcoming Programs designed specifically for you!  


I Am Unity: 9 Immune Boosters for Everyday Brain Health

Sky Valley Healing Arts

In preparation to have my second child in one week, and with everyone  getting something this time of year as the seasons change, I want to make sure to support my immunity that is already slightly depressed from pregnancy.   I love the concept of how every system in the body, especially the brain, requires a healthy union with the immune system.

When I see the word Immunity, my brain automatically hears I Am Unity. I am Unity could mean so many things, but when it comes to the immune system, I see all the little cells holding hands and singing Kumbaya, united together for one mission:  To protect and defend.

Building immunity is a life long endeavor, different with each stage of life, but creating a robust immune system includes the basics for everyone, young or old.  Below is my simple list- believe me the list could go on, and on, and on…..but lets start here.


1) Combat emotional stress.  “Stress-related disease emerges, predominantly, out of the fact that we so often activate a physiological system that has evolved for responding to acute physical emergencies, but we turn it on for months on end, worrying about mortgages, relationships, and promotions.”  – Dr. Robert Salpolsky, Why Zebra’s Don’t Get Ulcers.  

  • Reducing stresses such as fear, worry, and conflict, while increasing love, pleasure, and laughter can increase biochemicals such as oxytocin, natural killer cells, andImmunoglobulin A,( all increase immunity), while decreasing cortisol and adrenaline (which increase blood pressure, elevate blood sugars, and suppress the thyroid).
  • Inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-alpha are the messengers of distress and have all been shown to be elevated in the setting of depression. These cytokines can traverse the blood brain barrier.
  • Adopting stress reducing habits (like exercise), removing negativity, and processing traumatic events,  can overtime add years to your life, improve your outlook, and strengthen your immune system.

2) Let food be your medicine.   Over 70% of the immune system resides in the digestive system, thus what you choose to eat (or drink), directly affects your immunity.

  • Nutrient dense foods: Many illnesses can be avoided or lessened by eating nutrient dense foods such as lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes, all year round.  Stay away from processed foods, sugars, trans fats, excessive alcohol, and foods that are not organic.
  • Organic foods are important because they are not sprayed with herbicides/pesticides, are hormone and antibiotic free, and are not derived from GMO products. These harmful compounds can alter hormone and immune function and even damage DNA.
  • Moderation is the key to success, and “cheating” a few times a week is fine, but cheating all day long every day of the year is going to decrease immunity, period.

3) Add Superfoods to your diet.  SUPER DUPER foods (SDfoods) as I like to call them are a great example of high nutrient, low calorie foods, that are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, andamino acids that strengthen immunity.

  • Look for high Vitamin C SDfoods such as Camu Camu , acai, and goji berries.  Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that squelches free radicals and helps fight infection, thus boosting immunity.   My favs:  coconut, camu camu, maca, cacao, spirulina, goji, kale, and berry’s of any kind.

4)  Exercise. Just like healthy nutrition, exercise is at the core of having a strong immune system.

  • Exercise improves circulation aiding the body inelimination of toxins, decreases insulin and cortisol levels and reduces the harmful inflammatory chemicals created by stress.
  • Lifting something heavy at least 2-3 times per week and increasing your heart rate at least 4 times per week is a great way to improve immunity.
  • Stress reducing activities such as yoga, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, and meditation are also immune stimulating.  Besides, losing those excess pounds can’t hurt.  Yippee!

5) Sleep. Research is beginning to show that sleep is THE ultimate immune booster.

  • Many studies show that sleep deprivation decreases T cells, inflammatory cytokines increase, and thus you are more succeptable to colds and flus.
  • Millions also suffer from sleep related disorders such as sleep apnea, which recents studies have shown increased cancer diagnosis with severity of sleep apnea.
  • Bottom line: Your immune system needs adequate restfulsleep.

6) Get your head on straight and your body aligned.  As many of you know I specialize in a powerful cranial, spinal, and neurological treatment, NeuroCranial Restructuring, and I can tell you from thousands of clinical examples that being pain free and standing tall has a direct impact on the immune system.

  • Pain itself causes cascades of chemicals to be released into the system and chronic pain just plain wears everything out including your immunity.
  • Other treatments I like: Reiki, Manual Ligament Therapy, Reflexology, Acupunture, and Hydrotherapy.

7) Vitamin D.  Living in the rainy Northwest, I can tell you most everyone here and in any other dark climate during the winter, is deficient.

  • Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, it’s more like a super hormone, and some studies show it as or more effective than the flu vaccine.
  • It’s important to get out in the sun when you can, as the body uses it for Vitamin D synthesis and the cascade of effects it has on other systems such as bones and the immune system.
  • Taking Vit K2 with the D is important too, so consider this when beginning to supplement. (Dosing is dependent on blood levels, skin color, location, and age.)

8) Probiotics.  Since the digestive system holds most of your immunity, you need to support the good bacteria and help them thrive.  Probiotics assist the body in a multitude of ways and are the true champions of our inner ecology. 

9) Turn off your phone, your computer, your iPad, your X-box, your TV, your alarm clock, and your WiFi.

  • Look others in the eye and have a real conversation, make love to your partner, hug your chidren and get outside and put your feet on the earth more.
  • Electromagnetics are making us sick in more ways than one,  but this is a topic for another blog.
  • Connect with people, nature, and not just your devices, your immune system will thank you!

Is Your Headache a Drug Deficiency?

Sky Valley Healing Arts

The best thing you can do if you want to make a fortune- produce the problem, then patent the solution.
— Jesse

Today while working with one of my transformed patients who travels from Canada for treatment, he made a comment, “Last night watching TV in my hotel room, I’m appalled by the drug commercials aired in the US, it’s totally crazy that anyone would want to take medications after hearing some of the “side effects”, while at the same time everyone in the commercial seems so happy.”  We had a good laugh over it and thus began a deep conversation of the drug culture in medicine.   You have a problem, just ask your doctor for this or that drug, and you too can be happy.

I have conversations such as this everyday with many of my patients, but today it struck a cord with me related to the numerous patients that I see suffering, not only from their “problem”, but the “solutions” (drugs) that are handed to them like candy.  When it comes to a topic that you will find me passionate about- headaches- I can say without hesitation,  your headache is NOT a drug deficiency.  

Headaches are in the top three of complaints filling up doctors offices, and with only 1-2% being organic- life threatening like meningitis or brain tumor,  that leaves headaches with a 98-99% position of, “Well it won’t kill you, and we don't know why,  but you may have to live with it.”

The other problem with headaches is the causes can be diverse, and intensity can be from acute and intractable to a constant head pressure that just never goes away.   Due to this, America alone consumes 20 million aspirins a day, with headaches being the number one reason. This isn’t adding the ibuprofens, Tylenol, naproxen, narcotics, and anti migraine drugs.  Headache drugs are not only an addiction, they are big business.

A New Way to Look at Headaches: 

Defining the “They” and Appropriately Treating the Personality

So how are “they” producing the problem?  Who are “they”?  I define “they” as the current state at which we find our human condition.   Stress, environment, food, relationships, unbalanced hormones, lifetime exposures, injuries, the plethora of other drugs consumed- “they” are producing your problem which is your headache (and a myriad of other health challenges).  Many of these influences unfortunately start in utero, during birth, and in childhood, times when many choices were made for you and out of your control, and can develop into your personality. Thus the ‘they” also includes you, and YOU are the person that should be treated, not just the headache.

When I look at a person, their headache is a symptom,  thus why in my last blog I talked about the personalities of the most common headaches I see.  Once you identify a person and what is produced in their lifetime (or the ones before them- genetics), you can begin to understand their headache.

So lets take the Five Infamous Headaches I reference in my last blog (and yes there are many more types of headaches, which I’m sure a blog or two will be dedicated to in the future) and pick out one “they” that is relevant to all these personalities-  weak digestion and gut issues.

If you want a healthy brain, adequate blood flow and arterial function, with appropriate nutritional status, you need a healthy digestive system.  Improving one’s digestion and absorption will not only improve bloating, gas, constipation, etc, it will improve the overall functioning of the nervous, cardiovascular, and detoxification systems which can decrease headaches.

If you are a Pressure Cooker headache type it’s likely your excess fire is causing gut inflammation, whereas a Sinus Pain sufferer has mucous and needs to be dried out, thus the foods and strategies for treatment would be different. Then add the drugs that the patient may be on, because they each have their own “qualities”, and addressing these interactions and influences on gut health also becomes vital for successful treatment.

Example: Consumption of aspirin or ibuprofen by a Pressure Cooker or Cluster type headache may not be a good idea.  Why?  Ulcers are common in these Type A and stress maxed personalities, and OTC drugs create and promote ulcers.  Decreasing their fire and excess heat moving up into the head through gentle detoxification, stress management, and calming exercises, will in the long run “cool” the body and decrease headache.

Again, you don’t have a drug deficiency if you have a headache.  It’s multifaceted, seems complicated, but really could be very simple.  Perhaps it’s all about getting a new perspective on your “they”, and if you want to dive in deeper into that question with someone who has been there and can guide you, set up an appointment with me today.

Did you figure out your headache personality?  If not, go back and read the 5 Infamous Headaches, and leave me a comment, even if it means you think I”m a little out of my head….