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209 Ave D, Suite 100B
Snohomish, WA 98290


Dr. Hillary Lampers ND

Licensed in Washington and Montana Dr. Hillary Lampers is the original founder of Sky Valley Healing Arts in Snohomish, WA.

She only practices NCR and PRP out of Sky Valley Healing Arts every 4-8 weeks, but calls Bozeman, Montana her home. If you would like Naturopathic care or consult, as well as her other services please contact her at Elevate Health in Bozeman, MT.

Washington Spring/summer 2019 Schedule:

 NCR 4 day SESSIONS and PRP with dr. hillary Lampers: 

April 29- May 2 Snohomish, SVHA

September 23-26, Olympia, WA (FULL)

September 27-30, SVHA. (weekend Session)

Dr. Hillary Lampers ND

A message from Dr. Hillary....

You have a universe within you where there are as many neurons as there are stars in the sky. (100 billion) The possibilities of this universe are limitless and it controls every single action, thought, memory, emotion, and function in your body.  It makes up your personality, what you believe, and how you interact with the world, and many would say it is the Seat of the Soul. It is your brain.  

My name is Dr. Hillary Lampers and I am a Naturopathic doctor who has spent the last 24 years dedicating myself to the natural health sciences and the study of the human body.  My story reaches far back, to when I suffered with illness as a teenager, and how the power of clean living, healthy food, and structural integrity returned me to health.  Life continues to teach me that we are always changing, and with our evolution comes great lessons from the natural world and the advancement of science.

 My two amazing daughters are my greatest motivators to continue healing the world.  Women are the center of the family, and our health not only affects us but everyone who we love, and the next two to seven generations after us.  Together, both men and women have the ability to create strong, healthy bonds with others by understanding and healing themselves first.

When you know your brain, you can heal your life.  When you heal yourself, you heal the world.

Dr. Hillary Lampers ND first started her journey into the world of wellness at the age of 17, and became a massage therapist at the age of 19 to try and solveher chronic headaches.   Beginning private practice at age 21, Hillary began working in the spa and beauty sector, with an emphasis on injury prevention and pain management.

At the age of 23 she was introduced to NeuroCranial Restructuring® through Dr. Dean Howell ND, and her lifelong affliction with headaches came to an end.  She took a break from private practice to partner with Dr. Howell and began her journey into medicine.

In 2002 she gained a BS in Natural Health Sciences with a Major in Nutrition and PreMed focus from Bastyr University, and went on to complete her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr in 2007.  She immediately went into private practice in both Washington and Montana, specializing in the same modality that changed her life, NCR.

With over 25 years in massage therapy, whole foods nutrition, holistic wellness and beauty, and structural health, Dr.  Lampers has integrated this knowledge to help patients with pain elimination, disease prevention, anti-aging, and lifestyle management. Doc, or Dr. Hillary as many of her patients call her, has 15 years of advanced training in NeuroCranial Restructuring®, a revolutionary cranial therapy, and is currently one of only 18 globally certified practitioners. She has also received training in Perineural Injection Therapy from Dr. Jon Lyftgot, and PRP Training for Aesthetics, Sexual Health, and Orthopedics.

She has traveled extensively around the globe, and is an advocate for health through wellness.  Her interest in age old forms of healing, such as thermal, sun, electromagnetic, movement, and nutrition have led her to the Black Sea of Russia, UK, France, and Austria to study how these healing modalities not only prevent, but eliminate disease and enhance beauty through nature.  

Treatments Dr. Lampers specializes in WA:

  • NeuroCranial Restructuring®- non surgical cranial manipulation that addresses poor nasal breathing, headaches, depression, and chronic pain.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for improved skin, hair, sexual wellness, bladder function, and orthopedics.

  • Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) for nerve pain anywhere in the body.

If you are local to Montana, and would like to see Dr. Lampers as your provider, please click here to learn more about Elevate Health and their amazing membership program! Dr. Lampers offers more naturopathic care in this setting.

She is an active member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, NCR Doctors Association,  and lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband and two daughters.  She has a podcast and outdoor life and gardening podcast with her husband- Hunt Harvest Health.