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Get It Back: Feel Better, Look Better, Live Longer

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Get It Back: Feel Better, Look Better, Live Longer

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Get It Back: Feel Better, Look Better, Live Longer


Dr. Hillary Lampers 3-month 1:1 Naturopathic medical coaching to reset your hormones and brain chemistry so that you can feel less stressed, more energetic and motivated to live your healthiest life. We will work together to take a look at your hormonal situation, mental/emotional assessment and put into practice a few key tools to help you feel better, look better and live longer.



Get It Back:

Feel Better, Look Better, Live Longer

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The Negative Effect

Stress is normal, and is needed  on a daily, even moment to moment basis.  It can MOTIVATE and increases your ENERGY, BRAIN POWER, AND STRENGTH.   The autonomic nervous system is constantly balancing the sympathetic (fight the bear) and the parasympathetic (eat the bear) nervous system so that we can get out of bed in the morning, deal with our kids, drive to work, digest our food, desire sex, and fall asleep. This we call equilibrium

It’s  when the body systems can no longer find equilibrium, and systems start to go haywire- excess cortisol and adrenaline secretion, diminished or excess neurotransmitters, elevated blood sugars and insulin resistance, and other hormonal disregulation leads to negative disorder and disease, or what I like to call the Negative Effect. 

This Negative Effect is soon to be the #1 killer in the modernized world, and the evidence is right in front of our eyes.  Look around the average shopping mall in the US and it’s pretty evident that we are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Chronic stress can lead to  increased pain, less energy, restless sleep, cravings,  decreased libido,  and addictions.  It also pulls us away from our true state of health and wellbeing. 

If you are a woman, chronic stress can be even more devastating.  A woman’s hormonal cycle is a symphony of biochemical processes that happen from puberty beyond menopause, and the stress cycle plays an enormous part in this lifelong musical.    The Negative Effect will not only affect how you feel, but what you look like. It will decrease immunity and increase diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers Disease, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis (to name a few).  

Discovering Your True Nature

Your brain is an organ that makes up everything about you- your personality, your success, your desires, how you move, why you love, the list is endless.  Your hormones and neurotransmitters are the chemicals that communicate between organs like the brain and the thyroid, adrenals, sex glands, fat cells, etc.  Hormones are working consistently to balance your reaction to stress, hype you up, calm you down, maintain fertility, control your metabolism, and so on.  Now imagine that these biochemical functions are different in each person and can define how you see and function in the world.  No BODY or MIND is the same. 

Photo by Comstock Images/Stockbyte / Getty Images
Photo by Comstock Images/Stockbyte / Getty Images

I began seeing patterns in my patients, especially peri and post menopausal women, with fatigue, depression, bone loss, and pain in different forms. More severe cases would develop neurological conditions like MS, ALS, Fibromyalgia, and CFS.  The hormonal change happens to all women (and men) but my questions became greater- Why were some women transitioning easier while others were suffering?   What is having the biggest effect on these women and how can it be prevented?  This is what my program aims to target.  Getting the most out of the BEST years of your life and answering that age old question “How do I Get Balanced!”

Do you know your true nature?  Basically your true nature is where and how you perform your best.  When our true nature is working correctly we feel and function at our best, but when we are out of balance, this can lead to disorder and disease.   It’s also a helpful tool for patients to utilize when they are trying to make the best decisions in their healing process.  Knowing your true nature, even if you haven’t experienced it in years, can make all the difference in your healing.

This is the basis of the Get It Back program, and why I feel that knowing your brain and body type helps to address how your body handles stress and aging.    Most medical care ignores these deep internal connections between systems and the chemistry that is uniquely yours.  As a Naturopathic physician, I strive to fulfill the principles and foundation that prevention and action are our greatest tools.  Vibrant neurological and hormonal health, and preventing future disease is truly in your hands.

This program is designed to reset your hormones and brain chemistry so that you can feel less stressed, more energetic and motivated to live your healthiest life. We will work together to take a look at your hormonal situation, mental/emotional assessment and put into practice a few key tools to help you feel better, look better and live longer.


What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Photo by Pratchaya/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Pratchaya/iStock / Getty Images

Have you ever been to your doctor and walked out feeling frustrated with no clear path or feeling like you weren't heard?  Would you like to have your doctor spend time with you, listen to your story, and not just try to cover up symptoms?  Are you tired of being on too many medications, or feel that you want to try other options for your health?  Then Naturopathic medicine may be for you!

First, lets start with this knowledge:  Naturopathic doctors are DOCTORS.  This means we coach, diagnose, treat, and prescribe unlike many of the health coaches out there.  We have extensive medical training and are licensed primary care physicians. I like to clarify so that you understand who is working for you. 

Naturopathic doctors(ND) are licensed in 17 states, across Canada, and Europe. Laws are different depending on where you live, but you want to look for your ND to have a doctorate from a certified naturopathic university, not an online diploma mill. The 4-6 year program is rigorous and in line with medical training across the United States.  All students coming into the program must have a pre-med or a BS with all science prerequisits finished.  Acceptance and admission into the program is competitive and challenging.   Exams are done after the first two years to enter clinical training, and all physicians must pass the state board exams to obtain licensing.  Residencies are not required to practice, but many doctors go on into the few residencies that are available and growing. It is a difficult and rewarding program with a wide scope of practice in the medical field.

Naturopathic doctors in Washington state have a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine obtained from a certified Naturopathic university.  They are trained as primary care physicians and have medication prescriptive rights, and well as insurance recognition.  Yearly physicals, exams, and imaging can all be done and ordered through your naturopathic doctor. Therapeutic modalities that we utilize include botanical medicine, homeopathy, therapeutic nutrition and food-as-medicine, supplementation, therapeutic exercise, hydrotherapy, osseous manipulation, craniosacral therapy, and counseling.  If you ever wanted your doctor to spend more time with you, listening to your concerns, and looking for the root cause of your health challenges,  while medically addressing your chief complaints, then a Naturopathic doctor is who you are looking for.

Even though Naturopathic medicine is growing, not everyone has access to it.   This is changing now with the online space opening up and allowing communication over the internet. 


Who am I and why should you trust me? 

Dr Hillary in Istanbul, Turkey taking a break from working with patients to enjoy a Turkish coffee!  

Dr Hillary in Istanbul, Turkey taking a break from working with patients to enjoy a Turkish coffee!  

Before I dive into my healing story, let me share a few of my passions and WHY I am on a mission to constantly improve my health.  I have two young daughters and I'm in my 40's- they are my forever reason for what I do.   I have a supportive and very active husband of 18 years,  and both of our parents are alive and healthy.  I have an amazing group of female friends who challenge me daily to face my fears and share my mission.  I love to travel, to meet new people, to learn about cultures, and I enjoy history.  I did two bikini competitions at age 38 where I transformed my body, coming to love efficient and targeted exercise and nutrition. Because healthy food is so important to us,   we turned our small piece of property into a farm with chickens, goats, a large garden, greenhouse, and we eat only meats that are harvested by my husband.  I identify as a Christian, have a loving spiritual community, love yoga, and sorry- hate politics. If I had one wish it would be to stop violence and human rights violations against women and girls and stop religious persecution (no matter what your faith).  My profession is one that I advocate for and love with all my being, because it is where my healing journey began, and why I want to continue it through helping others.   I am very blessed to have the life I do.

Where I began

As a teenager I was introduced to Naturopathic medicine for a long term illness, that eventually became Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I had a lot of family stress after the divorce of my parents, and it had affected my health.  In my first visit with my Naturopathic doctor, she took my blood and looked at it under a microscope and then handed me a list of foods I couldn’t eat, along with a slew of supplements that I had to take.  She was intense, and really gave it to me straight.  I was very ill however, so I took her diet and supplements to heart, and within weeks I regained my strength and my infections began to clear.

One condition that I suffered with for most of my young life was headaches.  My headaches would improve with diet and lifestyle changes, however they consistently plagued me no matter what I did.  With my Chronic Fatigue gone, but the headaches continuing, I began a mission to find a solution. At the age of 23 I stumbled upon a rare treatment performed by a local Naturopathic physician that was known to help many hard to fix conditions.  After receiving these treatments, my headaches were gone for the first time in perhaps my whole life.   (You can learn more about NCR here.)

For the next 10 years I not only worked and trained with this physician, I found my life’s purpose.  I returned to school and finished my bachelors degree in Natural Health Sciences with a nutrition major, and then 5 years later with a Naturopathic Doctoral degree, both from Bastyr University.  I continued on with advanced training in NeuroCranial Restructuring and went into full time practice as one of only 18 certified physicians in the world, specializing in the same treatment that changed my life. 

Family history

Photo by macgyverhh/iStock / Getty Images

My story continues with a deep and personal interest in the brain and neurological health.  Along with a personal history of headaches, my family, mostly on my father’s side, has been plagued with neurological disease.  My paternal grandfather suffered with Alzheimer's Disease, following in the footsteps of his mother and older sister.  My paternal grandmother lived and died with Parkinson's Disease, these are conditions close to my heart. 

 in 2004 I suffered a mountain bike accident where I sustained a head trauma and concussion, which is one factor that can predispose someone to neurological disease.  I then decided to have a genetic test done to determine if I have any Alzheimer's genes, which I do.  My statistical chance of developing Alzheimer's with this gene is 80%, so I dove head first into learning, training, and implementing neurological disease prevention into my own life.

During my years in medical school and in my 8 years of practice,  I've began to see the complex nature of how medicine is failing us.  The greatest health care machines are corrupt with astronomical cost while patients are shuffled around, and getting sicker in the long term.   Doctors are overworked and losing their compassion, rare treatments are denied to patients who would greatly benefit from them, and we are all stressed to death.  Common sense ideas are greatly promoted but rarely practiced, and big pharma is making us believe their drugs should be added to the water supply while your insurance company determines what medical treatments you can get, dictating medicine.  It's not a sustainable model and why I am on a mission to return people to the simplicity of their own true natures, saving them and the system money, pain, and suffering.

Modern medicine and age old therapies can be combined to solve many problems, but it's important to remember that simple changes can make a large difference, one being controlling your Negative stress.  Out of control stress decreases our immune system and it's ability to fight disease, and challenges our neurological and hormonal systems in ways we still don't understand.  Other modifications to lifestyle are proven to change our long term neurological, immune, and aging status.  Being aware of your True Nature helps you understand the choices you make and WHY you make them.  

The GET IT BACK program is a way for me to share my blessings, and share my healthcare mission to stop neurological disease and bring vitality to the aging process, one person at a time.

You can read more about me and see my professional CV here.


Who was Get It Back designed for?

Photo by Shahaira/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Shahaira/iStock / Getty Images
  • Anyone looking to discover their true nature and improve neurological and hormonal health, mindset, and start a foundation of wellness. 

  • Women and men who are looking for a new way of looking at their health and desiring to make changes that work!

  • Women and men with conditions such as fatigue, weight gain, headaches, brain fog, digestive disturbance, anxiety, depression, and autoimmune conditions.

  • Peri and post menopausal women who want to understand their current hormonal status and set a foundation for vitality at any age.

  • Someone who is looking for more than just a DIY meal or exercise plan, but desires an entire medical overhaul, and needs supervision.

  • Those with strong family history of neurological disease, autoimmune disease, or cancer. 

  • Those who live in an area where alternative medical services such as Naturopathic medicine are not available. 

  • Those with or without health insurance who are needing better lifestyle modification and are tired of the current medical model of symptom palliation. 

  • Those who have HSA's and can determine how to spend their health care dollars.


Who is it NOT for? 

  • Children, as usually they are still functioning in their true nature, and I'm not a pediatrician.  
  • Those just looking for a weight loss plan.

  • Those looking for a quick fix.  A 3 month program builds a foundation, but is only the beginning.

  • Those looking for insurance reimbursement or to pay with insurance.  Some labs can be paid with insurance.  If you have out of network Naturopathic medical coverage that covers telemedicine reimbursement it may be possible for a portion of care.  We do not bill, we will leave that to you.  


What does Get It Back Include? 

Photo by vaeenma/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by vaeenma/iStock / Getty Images
  • Three months of personal 1:1 Naturopathic medical care with Dr. Hillary Lampers. 

  • Four 60 minute Skype naturopathic appointments with Dr. Hillary, including detailed history and intake, lab evaluations, treatment plan, and long term goals.  

  • 2 monthly emails for you to ask questions and get support outside of your treatment plan.   This is a total of 6 emails during the program. 

  • True Nature brain and body typing using intake and history. 

  • Detailed assessment of true nature, medical, nutritional, disease, exposure, and mindset history.  

  • Review of current medications.

  • Naturopathic assessment of your current labs (from other docs) from last 6-12 months.  (Extra fee for running new labs)

  • Detailed and personalized nutritional, supplemental, and true nature treatment protocol based on our findings,

  • Mindset development and tools for reaching goals and maintaining them. 

  • Resources and recommendations for physical medicine, exercise, and other supportive methods. 


What does it NOT include or can be added?

  • In office physical exam and appointments. If you are a currentpatient of Dr. Hillary's and would like to see her in office, please contact her at the form below to discuss this.
  • I highly encourage genetic testing such as ($199) .  Other labs  Ex:  CBC, blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid, stool, allergy, neurotransmitter etc. (price varies)    A comprehensive urinary hormone panel to assess sex, adrenal, and thyroid status. ($297) These labs can be done at an extra price or run through insurance.  Recommendations will be given at first visit if applicable. 

  • Supplements, hormone, or medications. Supplement and hormonal recommendations will be given during treatment plan.  Hormones and medications can only be prescribed in states that ND's are licensed to prescribe. (Washington, Oregon, Montana, Arizona).  We cannot prescribe outside of the USA.

  • Unlimited emails. 

  • No Facebook group.  This is a 1:1 program.

  • I am happy to work in conjunction with your other physicians if necessary, however I ask that you inform them that we are working together, and understand that not all physicians are open to alternative options, likely one of the reasons this program intrigues you.


What should you expect from this program?

Photo by Dirima/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Dirima/iStock / Getty Images
  • A beginning foundation for addressing health conditions holistically with medical supervision.
  • Feel better, look better, and live with a better quality of life
  • Depending on your compliance and willingness to follow your own present goals and treatment plan, you should expect to see positive changes in your health.
  • A treatment plan designed especially for your biochemistry, not a cookie cutter or DYI plan.
  • A physician who listens and has your full interests at heart, and looks to establish a long term relationship with you.
  • A healthier brain and body, a mindset that assists you in achieving your goals, and a wealth of knowledge to heal.


What people are saying...

When I turned 47 I noticed my waist started to disappear, I started having
night sweats, and one day when I was driving my daughter to school I had an
anxiety attack, that would not stop unless I took medication. My primary
care physician
kept asking me if I was “stressed” or if something “stressful” was
happening in my life and I kept saying NO, this came out of the blue. My
Dr. put me on a fast acting medication to halt the anxiety attacks
immediately, and a longer acting anti depressant as a longer range plan.
It worked, only I wasn’t depressed and the medication made me feel really

A trusted healer introduced me to Dr. Hillary. Dr. Hillary’s approach was
to get to the root of the problem instead of addressing all the symptoms I
was having. Through conversation and lab tests she determined that my
system was out of balance hormonely. She put me on a plan of detoxing,
vitamins, and nutrition to help restore balance to my system. Shortly
after I began this regime, I began to feel really well and to ween off the
medication. Eventually, I was able to go off the medication completely.

Over the past few years, we have followed up with testing a few times and I
continue to improve and feel really very good. When I feel like I need to
adjust my program, we talk and make changes. The best part is that I have
learned that every day I can make small adjustments to my life style and
they have huge impacts on my overall health and well being.
— Sarah

When does Get IT Back start?

Currently, Dr. Lampers is taking patients on a case by case basis.  Contact us to find out how to start the program!! 


And what does it cost?

Photo by alex_rext/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by alex_rext/iStock / Getty Images

If you are currently satisfied with your access to high quality 1:1 medical care, a provider who listens, and treatment plans that promote long term health and longevity, this program is probably not for you. 

If money is hindering your care and it stresses you too much to think about tackling your health care challenges and paying for it, then the first step of committing to this plan will be difficult for you. 

If you believe that your health insurance is there to make you healthy and prevent disease, then you may not see the need for this program. 

We all have our reasons, and this program isn't here to create any more Negative Effect in your life.  But if you are ready to put yourself first, see the value in your health,  and take responsibility for your future, Get It Back is a best first place to start. 

I love the online space because it creates access to incredible, value packed services without the inconvenience of travel.  I see many people from all over the world who do travel to see me, but this program is set up so you don't have to pay that extra expense and still get great quality care.  It also allows for prices to be lower than what would be charged in office.  

The Get It Back Program is over 15 hours of dedicated time to you and your treatment plan, and is valued at $3000.. 

*For one payment of $1297.00*

You can start the road to finding your true nature, feel less stressed, more energetic and motivated to live your healthiest life.

Health takes commitment, it's what you do everyday, and it's how to come forward to be your best self that is going to make real lasting changes for the better!  I hope you make this commitment to yourself today, and I commit to doing all I can to make your goals a reality!!!


What will happen once make you make the AWESOME decision to register?

Once you register and pay, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment.

With so much information out in the online world right now, it's not hard to find exactly what you are looking for, but it is hard to find a detailed plan along with a physician who works with you 1:1 at a truly affordable cost.   Addressing the most important systems and how they work together for vibrant health, determining your true nature and body type, and creating a personalized treatment plan is a great way to begin the New Year, and your many years to come! 

I look forward to working with you, and am grateful for the trust you put in me!  If you have questions related to your interest or specific program questions,  please fill in the form below and I will respond as soon as possible! 

Name *