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209 Ave D, Suite 100B
Snohomish, WA 98290



The Sky Valley Healing Arts Mission

Under the Sky Valley Healing Arts banner, our Snohomish clinic is a group of independent practitioners and business entities each utilizing a specific expertise within the Integrative Medicine scope. Sky Valley Healing Arts is dedicated to improving our local and global community with care that promote’s holistic wellness, balance, and growth.

Meet our Providers

NeuroCranial Restructuring for Better Breathing, Less Pain, and Overall Health


 Upcoming 2017  Schedule

 NCR 4 day SESSIONS with dr. hillary Lampers: 

September 25-28 Snohomish

October 13-16  Snohomish- Weekend Session

October 30-November 2 Snohomish

November 13-16 Snohomish

November 27-30 Snohomish

December 11-14 Snohomish

December 18-21 Snohomish

Founder and co-owner, Dr. Hillary Lampers ND, discusses why she became a Naturopathic Physician.  Visit our Resources for links to more videos.